Trust the People Doing the Work – Renea Morris

Renea Morris, APR, Fellow PRSA, the Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications at the University of Denver, discusses a number of important PR ethics issues including:

1) What to do when you are uneasy with your company’s growth strategy?

2) Why organizations should worry less about filtering people’s comments on social channels and trust the people doing the work?

3) Where can Higher Ed improve?

The most important ethics priority for healthcare communicators – Kena Lewis

Kena Lewis APR, Fellow PRSA, the Senior Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations at Orlando Health. discusses several important ethics issues, including:

1) What to do ethically when your boss is the problem

2) The ethical challenges of online identity

3) The most important ethics priority for healthcare communicators

4) How do you balance safeguarding confidences with transparency and honesty?

This Week in PR Ethics (9/22/22): Misinformation, NyQuil, Conflict of Interest and Walking the Walk

This week there were quite a few ethical issues. TikTok was involved in two, including it suggesting misinformation to promoting unhealthy viral challenges. Another common theme was where do you draw the boundaries when it comes to student loan forgiveness to public/work-life boundaries. There were also a few articles that showed multiple facets of purpose and greenwashing.

PR Ethics: What Happens When There is a Coup?  – Alex Dance

For Ethics Month, I wanted to look at new topics and geographies. Joining me this week is Alex Dance, the Managing Director of ERA Communications in Cambodia.

He discusses several important ethics issues, including:

1) What should you do when clients are even tangentially affiliated with a coup?

2) The state of misinformation in Cambodia

3) The impact of influencers on Cambodians

4) Ethical challenges with clickbait

This Week in PR Ethics (09/08/22) – What ethical failures are customers least likely to accept? Also Fur Trapping and Ethics Swag

Once again, I didn’t have to look far for ethics stories this week. I strongly encourage everyone to read the HBR study on what ethical failures customers are least likely to accept.  There are also videos and Webinars from PRSA and PRCA and a link to some great ethics swag.