Bringing True, Ethical Authenticity to Multicultural Communications – Jennifer Gonzalez

Jennifer Gonzalez, the senior vice president of multicultural strategy at C+C (and my colleague) discusses a number of important ethics issues, including:

1) What to do when you know your prospect’s multicultural program does not align with the community’s needs

2) Ethical issues in partnering with community-based organizations

3) Why sometimes being equitable requires you to say no

Succeeding with Conscience: Navigating Ethical Challenges in Career Growth – Bradley Akubuiro

Bradley Akubuiro, a partner at Bully Pulpit Interactive, discusses a number of important ethics issues including:

1) How to deal with an ethical quandary: Career advancement or decency?

2) How to effectively serve as the conscience of an organization

3) How to deal with issues in a hyper-politicized environment

Preserving Authenticity: The Nuances of Ethical Storytelling in Advocacy Communications – Zainab Chaudary

Zainab Chaudary, Senior Vice President at New Heights Communications discusses several key ethics issues, including:

1) Lost opportunities: lessons learned from the Muslim Ban Supreme Court case

2) Navigating the tension: ethically balancing client desires and media success

3) Why you need to go beyond mission, vision and values

4) How to break down the silos in advocacy communication

This Week in PR Ethics (5/18/23): Taking on Climate Lies

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending a Symposium at Boston University about “Taking on Climate Lies – Climate Disinformation Initiative.” 

I was fascinated by the studies and believe they provide some insights that will be of use to any communication professional dealing with climate change or clean energy. The studies showed how social media and news media are spreading climate misinformation.

How Can Businesses Create A More Ethical Environment – Erica Salmon Byrne

Erica Salmon Byrne, CEO of Ethisphere discusses:

1) How does a company become one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies?

2) What are the top ethics issues facing companies?

3) How can businesses create a more ethical environment?

4) What questions should businesses ask about ethics and AI?

5) Proof that being ethical is good business

We Must Confront the Uncomfortable Truths – Roger Bolton

Roger Bolton, the president of Page, discusses a number of important ethics issues, including:

1) What to do when a reporter is writing a story that you know will quickly become inaccurate
2) Why we need to confront the uncomfortable truths
3) The ethical use of technology and AI
4) Understanding the Page Principles