Own It and Fix It: Ethical Media Training Advice from Melody Kimmel

Melody Kimmel is one of the nation’s leading media,presentation and message trainers. In this interview, she provides insight into a number of key issues including:

1) Ethics and media interviews
2) How to conduct ethical media training
3) What to do when you make a mistake
4) The perversion of the strength of PR and the decline of trust

How to Make Sure Codes of Ethics Are Not Worthless: Michael Meath

Michael Meath, the retiring interim chair of public relations at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University discusses a number of important issues, including:

1) How to make sure Codes of Ethics are not worthless
2) Why taking the critical 10 helps you make more ethical decisions
3) The ethical challenges that most engage students
4) The little ethics issues that challenge us every day

This Week in PR Ethics (06/18/20): Eliminating Racist Branding; CSR to CSJ; PR Ethics Issues in Europe

This week there continued to be a number of interesting social ethics issues top of mind including a fascinating article from HBR asking if we are moving from CSR to CSJ and what implications does that have for business. Brands are moving to eliminate racial stereotypes, and honesty and privacy are top ethics issues of concern to communication professionals in Europe. 

Healing the Fracturing of Humanity By Moving From Impact to Consequence: Jim Olson

Jim Olson, the former global corporate communications lead for Starbucks and US Airways and CCO at African Leadership University, graciously shared his insight and observations on a number of topics including:

1) How did Starbucks find a new, ethical option about how to deal with the presence of guns in their stores?
2) How we can help heal the fracturing of humanity by moving from impact to consequence?
3) The ethical imperative of purpose