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This Week in PR Ethics (4/22/21): Did 4% of Americans Drink Bleach in 2021 and the Most Unethical TV Idea Ever

I was planning a nice, simple update on ethics topics this week – AI, hiring, and maybe being quirky with a story from Wichita. Then on Wednesday, I was hit with my favorite ethics story of the year from the Harvard Business Review – and a story so bad, I had to spend 20 minutes confirming it was real. Read on below.

This Week in PR Ethics (4/1/21) – Global Ethics Issues with Cheating, Ethics, Climate Disinformation and Hashtag Activism

This is NOT an April Fool’s Joke. This week the most interesting ethics stories were all global. The PRCA looked at top ethics challenges globally, LinkedIn shared advice for moving beyond hashtag activism. There was a fascinating interview on global disinformation about climate change and there was a global gaming cheating scandal.

This Week in Public Relations Ethics (3/11/21): Stupidity, Stupidity and Well, More Stupidity

I like to tell my students that just because something is stupid, doesn’t mean it is unethical. But most stupid things can lead to great discussions on related ethical issues – and boy do we have a lot to talk about this week. From Royals to Racism to Fast Food and Kant, it was tough for me narrowing it down to just a few issues this week