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This Week in PR Ethics (06/18/20): Eliminating Racist Branding; CSR to CSJ; PR Ethics Issues in Europe

This week there continued to be a number of interesting social ethics issues top of mind including a fascinating article from HBR asking if we are moving from CSR to CSJ and what implications does that have for business. Brands are moving to eliminate racial stereotypes, and honesty and privacy are top ethics issues of concern to communication professionals in Europe. 

This Week in PR Ethics (06/04/20) – Systemic Injustice, Free Speech, Racism and More

I can’t think of a week packed with more significant, societal and communication ethics issues. Systemic injustice, free speech, racism and more. If my ethics class was in session now, I would throw out the lesson plan and we would just discuss the events of the past week. It is good to see so much constructive discussion, but like others I want to see talk move into action.

This Week in PR Ethics (5/28/20) – Data, Accuracy and Disclosure

One of the most common areas of ethical failure (in my opinion) revolves around data. The four articles I share this week highlight different elements of this – from cutting corners and misrepresenting data, to data privacy, disclosure and the misrepresentation of old data. Data has the power to shape opinions and actions, and we all need to uphold the highest standards when gathering, using and sharing it.

This Week in PR Ethics (5/21/20): Pizza Arbitrage, Big Tobacco and a New PRCA Ethics Initiative

This past week in PR ethics was filled with some very important news and examples, and a few that are less important and make me smile. A discussion on ethics and pizza arbitrage blew up my social media feeds. While it is interesting, the research on tobacco co-opting #stayathome hashtags was chilling. There was also the important news of the PRCA launching a Global Ethics Council, and the much less important news of me being interviewed on the great Look Left @ Marketing podcast.