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This Week in Public Relations Ethics (3/11/21): Stupidity, Stupidity and Well, More Stupidity

I like to tell my students that just because something is stupid, doesn’t mean it is unethical. But most stupid things can lead to great discussions on related ethical issues – and boy do we have a lot to talk about this week. From Royals to Racism to Fast Food and Kant, it was tough for me narrowing it down to just a few issues this week

This Week in PR Ethics (2/25/21) – The World’s Most Ethical Companies, Jeep Cherokee and Is Giving a Scam?

This week there were a number of interesting ethics stories on a wide range of topics. Ethisphere reported that world’s most ethical companies outperform the market by 7.1%, showing you can do well by doing good. There was also a call for Jeep to drop the name Cherokee and questions about ethical issues with charitable giving.

This Week in Public Relations Ethics (2/11/21) – Is PR Unethical? How Do You Build a Speak Up Culture?

There were a wide variety of ethics topics this week – from a new roboethics advisor to how to build a speak up culture and which countries most commonly report unethical behavior. Then there were the meta-ethics questions about is PR inherently unethical and is it ethical to ask a reporter questions in advance

This Week in PR Ethics (1/28/21) – Shadow Lobbying, Ethos, Pathos and Fashion

This week in public relations ethics there was an eclectic collection of topics of interest. Topics range from a first-ever ban on shadow lobbying, to the proper application of ethos and pathos, and advice on setting up an EAB. I also loved a story of ethics in action and how a former PR pro is helping ethical manufacturers in the fashion industry.