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This Week in PR Ethics (1/28/21) – Shadow Lobbying, Ethos, Pathos and Fashion

This week in public relations ethics there was an eclectic collection of topics of interest. Topics range from a first-ever ban on shadow lobbying, to the proper application of ethos and pathos, and advice on setting up an EAB. I also loved a story of ethics in action and how a former PR pro is helping ethical manufacturers in the fashion industry.

This Week in PR Ethics (12/17/20): Ethical Leadership, Ethical Capitalism and Two Ethics Resources

While many people this week are celebrating Hanukkah, getting ready for Christmas or eagerly waiting for the 100th Episode of EthicalVoices on Monday….ethics issues continue unabated. This week there were a number of interesting articles on ethical leadership, GenZ and Capitalism and two great ethics resources.

This Week in PR Ethics (12/3/20): International Ethics Issues, PRCA Ethics Enforcement and Free Webinars

This week, (well two weeks) the most interesting ethical issues I found tended to have an international flavor, and the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) and ethics was central to many of them. There are also two very interesting (and free) ethics Webinars coming up in the next week.