This Week in PR Ethics (10/6/22): The $1.2 million Instagram post and the importance of a long-term, practical focus on purpose

Just a few ethics articles jumped out at me this week. The Kardashians once again grabbed headlines and there is interesting ethics research from WE and the Page Center.

  • Lack of Disclosure costs Kim Kardashian $1.2 million – Last week I shared an article on how Boeing’s lack of disclosure cost it $200 million. This week it was Kim Kardashian being fined $1.2 million (5x what she was paid) for not disclosing a paid sponsorship on an Instagram post. It’s pretty simple – if someone is talking about you and is receiving any financial compensation or has a conflict of interest – disclose.


  • WE Study finds brands must get more practical in addressing society’s problems – PR Week reported on an interesting study from WE that had some really interesting insights.
    • 70% of respondents prefer that brands focus multi-year investments on a single cause
    • Consumers want companies to place greater emphasis on practical, pressing goals rather than ambitious ones, with cost of living voted the primary issue where brands need to step up their efforts.


  • Page Center Launches Scholar Directory – The Page Center has funded more than 300 scholars from colleges, universities and organizations around the world. The Center has launched a new research directory to serve as a comprehensive database of those studies. To date there are six great papers on ethic there. Check it out.
Mark McClennan, APR, Fellow PRSA
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