Clark’s Bears – A Company Living the Page Principles

It seems to be my week for praising great marketing and customer service.

In September, my family visited Clark’s Bears/Trading Post when we were up for the Highland Games in Lincoln. We got my youngest son a big plastic water cup with an attached straw that he loved. A week later I promptly melted it on the stove.

Clark’s does not have an online store. I wanted to replace it, but I thought driving up to Lincoln (although it would be great) would be a bit too much. I offered to buy a new one and pay for shipping.

I received the following note the next day from Katie Mack, their Food Service Manager.

“I’m so happy your son liked his green Clark’s sport bottle and I’m so sad you melted it. I think it says not dishwasher safe, and doesn’t mention stove safe so it’s not your fault. Please send me your address and I will get a replacement out to you, courtesy of the Wolfman!”

We were already a fan, but this has solidified me for life. And a good lesson for all communicators that exemplified the Page Principles – Realize an enterprise’s true character is expressed by its people

Thank you Katie and Clark’s.

Mark McClennan, APR, Fellow PRSA
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